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Getting Started with Eddy

Everything you need to know about getting started with Eddy. From adding employees to setting up your policies, we've got you covered.

People Management

Store and organize employee records, manage company documents, electronic signatures.


Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.


Eddy helps you create a packet to gather electronic signatures, assign tasks, and invite new employees to self-enroll in the system.

Employee Time Off

Learn how to add employees to Time Off policies, adjust balances, make and approve Time Off requests, and more.

Time Tracking

Learn how to clock in and clock out, run reports, edit timesheets and more.


Learn how to run your payroll and access payroll reports by using Eddy.


Learn how to store, sign and manage documents within Eddy.


Quickly understand who has or has not completed their training, and see at a glance which employee certifications need renewal.

Roles & Permissions

Learn more about how to get every employee into the right role, and understand what each role can do.


Eddy allows users to view and download relevant reports for a variety of HR data.

Account Management

Learn about managing your Eddy account the best way for you and your employees.

Privacy and Security

At Eddy, privacy of personal information is the most important thing. We protect your information in a variety of ways.

Employee Resources

Help your employees learn to use Eddy as effectively as possible.

Eddy HR Encyclopedia

We’ve worked with a whole community of HR professionals to make this resource for you.