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Alabama - New Company Registration

New Company Registration for Alabama

Alabama Department of Revenue

State Withholding Income Tax Registration Steps: 

1.  Register for an account number.

  • Go to MyAlabamaTaxes (MAT) Select Register a Business/ Obtain a new tax account number
  • Review the page that provides all information necessary to register
  • Enter type of entity and Federal ID and select “no” for existing tax accounts
  • On the next screen select applicable tax types, including Payroll Withholding Tax
  • Complete remaining registration steps,enter your email address and submit the application
  • Print confirmation page
  • Once you register online, it takes 3-5 days to receive an account number
  • You will receive a Sign-on ID and Access Code via mail with your account number.  This will be needed to set up access to your online account in the next step.

2. Create a username and password in ATAP

  • Once you have received your letter with your account number, Sign-on ID and Access Code
  • Go to MyAlabamaTaxes (MAT)
  • Select “Create my Alabama taxes account”
  • Select the Tax Type from the drop down menu then enter your account number, Sign-on ID, and access code. 
  • Create a username and password and security questions and answers
  • Complete contact information and set up third party access to your account
  • Click submit to complete set up

Your tax account number is the ten-digit series of numbers and letters assigned by the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR). You can find your tax account number on any correspondence that you've received from ADOR.  Update your Eddy account with your ADOR Account Number. Your account number is required for all Alabama Department of Revenue interactions to ensure your account is accurate.

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact ADOR business registration line (334) 242-1584.  Step by step instructions are also available at MyAlabamaTaxesHelp and FAQs page.

Alabama Department of Labor

Unemployment Insurance Tax (UI) Registration Steps: 

An employer must register for unemployment insurance within 20 days after first employing workers.

1. Sign up to request a user ID and password and complete registration

  • Go to Alabama Department of Labor eGov User Registration
  • Create a username, password and security question and answer
  • ​​Complete basic employer information that will aid in accessing available applications.

Update your Eddy account with your Alabama Unemployment Compensation Account Number. Your Alabama UI account number is required for all Alabama unemployment interactions to ensure your account is accurate.

For assistance, call the agency at (334) 954-4701 or email: eGov@labor.alabama.gov

Local Tax Agencies

Local taxes in Alabama are called occupational taxes or occupational license fees

Employers are required to withhold taxes on wages that are earned in the local taxing jurisdiction.  Local taxes are each handled by their own agencies. 

In addition to local taxes, employers must also apply and renew occupational licenses in each locality every year by Jan 1st.  The license is separate from the fee/tax. 

Registration Steps: 

1. Contact each local tax agency where work is performed

  • The agency will provide you with instructions on how to apply for occupational licenses and how to apply for a payroll account for occupational license fees/ occupational taxes
  • Avenu Insights & Analytics handles registration for many of the AL localities BUT not all.  It is important to ensure you contact your local agency for registration instructions.
  • If registered with Avenu Insights, they will provide you with a single Avenu account number for all locals they manage.  This is the number to provide to Eddy.
  • If local is not managed by Avenu Insights, the local agency will provide you with their local tax number to use (which could be your Federal ID).

Update your Eddy account with all local account number(s). Your local account number(s) is required for all Alabama local tax interactions to ensure your account(s) is accurate.




This guide does not contain legal or tax advice. If legal or tax advice is required, an attorney, CPA or tax adviser should be consulted.