How to Terminate an Employee

Eddy allows you to terminate employees who no longer work for your organization. Eddy’s termination feature ensures that previous employees cannot access information within the system once they’ve left the company while preserving employee data and documents for your company administrators.

Terminating an Employee Overview

How to Terminate an Employee

In order to terminate an employee, you will navigate to an employee’s profile. Once you’ve landed on the profile of the employee you wish to terminate:

  • Click on the three dot menu found on the right side of the white navigation bar
  • Select the option to "Terminate employee"

By clicking on the “Terminate employee” option, a modal will appear. This modal describes what happens when an employee is terminated.

Click "Continue with termination" once you understand the consequences of terminating an employee.


If the employee had any unused PTO, we'll display that to you on the next screen.

In some cases, state law requires you to pay out unused PTO to employees. Make a note of the employee's unused vacation hours if you need to pay out the time.

Hit "Next" to continue.


If the terminated employee had been assign tasks that they needed to complete on behalf of others (like signing a document), you'll have the chance to re-assign these tasks to a different employee.

All outstanding tasks must be assigned a single person. There is no ability to assign some tasks to one employee, and other tasks to another.

Once you've selected the person who will complete the tasks, click the "Reassign team tasks and continue" button.


Finally, you will see a screen that will allow you to define information regarding the employee’s termination.

Complete the form and then click the red "Terminate employee" button at the bottom.


Termination takes place immediately

Be aware that clicking the red "terminate employee" button in Eddy, the termination will take place immediately (this is true even if you've selected a future date for the termination).

Once the button is clicked, the employee will lose access to their account in Eddy.

Terminated State

Once you've terminated an employee, their profile will display a blue banner that contains the information regarding the termination. There will also be a red "Terminated" tag that appears beside the employee's name.

Termination Record

A record of the termination will automatically be generated and placed in the "Admin Notes" section of the employee's profile.

This record is editable by HR Admins.

The note will appear in the column with your other notes in reverse chronological order. This note is titled “Termination” and will record all the details of the termination event that you initially specified.

If you wish to edit some of the termination details, you can do so by clicking on the Edit Pencil icon found on the top right of the note. However, if the termination date has already passed, you will not be able to edit the date of termination.

Locating Terminated Employees in the Employee Directory

Once an employee has been terminated, they will no longer appear in the employee directory for anyone that doesn’t have HR Admin permissions.

For those who do have HR Admin permissions, you’ll be able to find your terminated employees under the Employee Status dropdown. The dropdown is set to “Active” by default. To access your terminated employees, click into the dropdown, and select the “Terminated” option.


Clicking on “Terminated” will display all the employees in your company who have been given the termination label. These employees will appear with a red “TERMINATED” tag on their profile card. Admins can still access these employee’s profiles by clicking into them. We will preserve all documents and information associated with these terminated employees.

Consequences of Termination

When an employee is terminated, we want to make you aware that the following consequences are a result of that termination:

  • The terminated employee can no longer login to Eddy.
  • The terminated employee cannot access any information or documents within Eddy.
  • The employees who previously reported to the terminated employee will now report to the terminated employee’s manager.
  • The terminated employee will no longer receive stage action email messages.
  • The terminated employee will no longer receive any communication or notifications from Eddy or the company.
  • The terminated employee’s profile will not be viewable to anyone in the company who does not have HR Admin permissions.
  • Any comments or ratings left by the terminated employee in the applicant tracking system will continue persist.