Indeed Job Posting Guidelines

This article includes information about Indeed, their guidelines and posting requirements, and what to do if you don't see your job post on Indeed.

Indeed is arguably the world's most impressive job board. Over 250 million unique visitors visit Indeed every month to post and search for jobs. Indeed's focus is on the job seeker, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. In order to provide the best experience possible for job seekers they have established guidelines to protect the job seeker from spam, scams, fraud, confusion by blocking job postings that are generic, misleading, or missing job information.

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Posting to Indeed

When you select the option to publish a job to "free job boards" your post will immediately be made available to Indeed. The team at Indeed will usually conduct a review of each job before it's posted to their site. Indeed will typically review our feed for jobs every six hours.

Jobs that do not meet Indeed's guidelines will likely not be posted to Indeed's website. We've listed many of the best practices below.

Recruitment and Staffing Agencies must sponsor jobs in order to post on Indeed. If you are a recruitment or staffing agency, you will not be able to list your job in Indeed's organic feed.

 General Guidelines

  • Follow the rules. Not adhering to these guidelines may impact job visibility on Indeed's site.
  • Post real jobs. Indeed does not allow non-job postings. Only include paid, current jobs directly posted to your career page by authorized company representatives.
  • Be accurate and detailed. Indeed does not allow jobs with deceptive, generic, misleading, or missing job information.
  • Don't be a predator. Indeed values providing Job Seekers with job opportunities which are free from employee cost. Fees or required training coming at a cost to Job Seekers can be indicative of predatory employment practices.
  • Post paying jobs. Jobs on Indeed should be paying jobs. Unpaid internships are not allowed unless they offer academic credit.
  • Don't be vulgar. Indeed values providing users with high quality experiences on our site. Jobs, content, and messages that are offensive and expose job seekers or employers to content which is vulgar, illicit, etc. violate this guideline.
  • Don't discriminate. Job seekers should not be excluded or dismissed from consideration based on characteristics that do not affect their job performance nor the success of the hiring party. Indeed will remove jobs that violate these standards.
  • Include a full and complete location. If it's unclear where the job is located, Indeed will likely not post the job.
  • Don't location blast. Indeed will know if you've posted the same job multiple times in different cities. They call this "location blasting" and it is not allowed. If you legitimately are hiring for the same position in different cities, we recommend making different job posts for each position.

Job Title and Description Best Practices

  • Don't deceive. Indeed values jobs with titles and descriptions that are detailed, accurate, and well-formatted. Leave clickbait and extraneous job details out of titles.
  • Be helpful. Job descriptions should primarily provide details about the role and should not focus on non-pertinent company information.
  • Have a clear job title. Avoid vague job titles (e.g., "sales" or "technician"). Avoid using jargon or vague descriptors ("Rock Star") and special characters (%$#@!).

Types of Jobs that won't be posted

The following is a list of job types that should not be posted to Indeed:

  • Training and Education Opportunities
  • Franchising Opportunities
  • Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities
  • Job Seeker Employment Solicitation
  • Expired Jobs

Additionally, jobs that require any sort of fee in order to apply are not permitted.

Indeed Reserves the Right to Not Post Your Job

In certain situations, and for reasons that usually will not be made available, Indeed always reserves the right to not post your job to its website, even if your job follows all its guidelines.

Indeed states:

"Jobs that do not meet Indeed standards may be subject to review and require additional information from the hiring company. Listings that prove misleading, compromise the job seeker experience or those which we are not convinced represent a “real” job may be removed from search results altogether. Please note: Indeed may reject or remove any job and may disable any Company's account, for any or no reason. We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed, and we always retain the right to remove any job, organic or sponsored, if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest." (view source)

For a more complete list of Indeed policies, please view Indeed's policy articles.

What Can I Do If My Job Doesn't Show On Indeed And I've Followed All Their Posting Guidelines?

Because Indeed reserves the right to to remove any posting from their job board, there's never a guarantee that your job will be displayed. However, there are some steps you can take if your job isn't displaying on Indeed.

1. Follow Indeed's 'one source' policy. This means that if you're posting jobs directly on Indeed and posting jobs on Indeed through Eddy, Indeed will not be happy. If this is the case, we recommend doing the following:

  • Contact Indeed and tell that to make Eddy your primary posting source.
  • When Indeed confirms they've made Eddy your primary posting source, remove your direct postings and just post jobs to Indeed through Eddy.

2. Create an Employer Account and claim your company page. Before posting on Indeed through Eddy, make sure you have an employer account setup with Indeed. Once your employer account is set up, be sure to claim your company page.

It's also critical that the company name you use for your employer account matches your company name in Eddy.

If you don't have an employer account yet, follow these steps:

  • Visit Indeed's account creation page
  • Enter your email address or login with Google
  • Create your account and claim your company page

3. Contact Indeed Directly. Indeed will typically help employers if they contact them directly. If you have a valid Indeed account and you've claimed your company page, you can contact Indeed to help with job visibility.

To contact Indeed, you can use this form or select the "Need Help?" option at the top of the page when you're logged into their site.

If you choose to use the form linked above, you can select "Job Postings" in the "How can we help" dropdown field and copy and paste the following language in the "Description" field:

I am a client of Eddy, an Integration ATS partner with Indeed. My jobs are included in their XML feed under the company name [enter your company name]. I'd like for Eddy to be my primary posting source. Could I please get an Indeed representative to review my jobs and determine if they qualify for organic visibility on Indeed's site. Thanks.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indeed Apply?

Indeed Apply allows job seekers to apply to jobs using their Indeed Resume or by uploading a traditional resume file. Indeed Apply jobs are clearly labeled in Indeed’s search results to let job seekers identify the postings that have this easy application method. Think of it as free, built-in SEO that helps your jobs stand out on Indeed. To learn more about Indeed, visit .

How does Indeed Apply impact traffic to the career page on my company’s website?

It’s likely to decrease, since applicants that had previously found your job on Indeed and clicked through to your career site are now able to submit their resumes directly with Indeed Apply. Even though the clicks to your career page may go down, the overall number of applications you receive should go up. And because Indeed Apply is mobile-optimized, you could see up to 8x more applicants than employers who don’t accept mobile applications.

Do I need to do anything to make sure my jobs are shared with Indeed?

Nope! Everything is already in place to sync your jobs to Indeed. As long as you select to share your jobs publicly to the free job boards (this is determined on the last step of creating a job posting in Eddy), your job will be shared with Indeed.

What kind of reporting data can I expect?

We track the source of applicants. However we are still working on our reporting tools. In the future you can expect to see for each candidate a view of which job site the candidate applied through, as well as high-level stats on which jobs sites are most effective at delivering candidates.

What should I do if I’m already posting directly with Indeed?

If you have an Indeed account you have been using to post jobs directly to Indeed, you can now remove those job postings.

How can I sponsor a job to get more applicants?

To sponsor a job, or to ask any other questions regarding visibility or job posting status, please visit where you can contact Indeed’s client success team directly. If you are already working with an Indeed rep, you can contact your Indeed CS or Sales rep. (Ex. Why is my job not showing up? Why am I not receiving candidates for my jobs?)

How does Eddy submit my jobs?

Eddy creates a comprehensive XML job feed and submits that feed to Indeed on behalf of all its clients who have opted-in to the Indeed integration. Indeed refreshes their view of this feed 4 -6 times a day.