Job Description Template

The following example can be used to guide you on setting up your job description. There is not a specific length requirement for job descriptions, but those with 700- 2,000 characters do tend to get more interaction. Bulleted points make it easy to read and a benefits section is always recommended!

Download the Job Description Template


Job Summary

Here, we recommend writing 3-4 sentences that give an overall summary of this job. Communicate clearly to applicants what the role is, what a successful candidate will look like, and how this role positively impacts the company. Be brief, concise, and clear.

Responsibilities and Duties

In this section, we recommend using a bulleted list to explain the duties of the job.

  • Start with the most important responsibilities at the top
  • Use complete sentences for each bullet point.
  • We recommend starting sentences with verbs.
  • Write each sentence in the present tense.
  • Always use gender neutral language.

Qualifications and Skills

This section should also consist of bullet points that clearly explain the necessary qualifications to successfully perform this job.

  • Relevant Experience
  • Education Level
  • Specific skills that are directly relevant to the job
  • Personal characteristics that may help a candidate succeed in the job
  • Necessary or preferred certifications
  • Necessary or preferred licenses
  • Do not create a list that is overbearing or that would otherwise discourage good applicants from applying

Company Benefits and Perks

This section can be written in paragraph form or in bullet points (or both!). Take the opportunity to explain why someone should want to work for your company. Explain the good things you do to take care of your employees. If you want to list off bullet points, consider adding some of the following:

  • Health insurance information or health benefits
  • 401k contributions and matching
  • Generous time-off policy
  • Food in the office (i.e. stocked break room, catered lunch, etc)
  • Company culture and company activities
  • Career growth opportunities