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Tennessee- New Company Registration

Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development State Unemployment Tax (UI)

An employing unit that pays $1,500 or more in total gross wages in a calendar quarter, or has at least one employee during twenty different weeks in the current or preceding calendar year regardless of the wages. The employee does not have to be the same person for twenty weeks. It is not relevant if the employee is full-time or part-time.

How to register for an Employer Number:

  • Go to TN.gov 
  • Under Obtain and Employer Number, select the link for your business type
  • Complete Report to Determine Status Application for Employer Account Number
  • Submitting this form will determine the status of your liability for unemployment insurance. If you are liable for unemployment insurance premiums in Tennessee, you will be assigned an eight-digit employer account number (e.g., 0000-000 0)
  • Fax completed Application to the Employer Services Unit at 615-741-7214
  • Allow ten (10) business days for processing.  The Employer Account number will be mailed to the address provided on the form.

Update your Eddy account with your Tennessee Employer Number. Your account number is required for all Tennessee interactions to ensure your account is accurate.

Please call the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development at 615-741-2486 or email employerstatus.rates@tn.gov with any questions.


Note: Tennessee does not impose a state income tax.




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