The Role of Hiring Team Member

Hiring Team members can help decide which candidate is a best fit for your company. To do this, you can assign the Hiring Team Member role to grant limited access to those specific employees. 

Hiring Team Member Overview

Permissions of a Hiring Team Member 

Hiring Team Members can be assigned on a job by job basis. Any employee can be selected as a Hiring Team Member. 

Hiring Team Members have limited permissions and their permissions are strictly tied to the jobs to which they are assigned. A Hiring Team Member can do the following:

  • View the candidates who have applied for the job
  • Rate candidates
  • Comment on candidates
  • Tag candidates

Hiring Team Members cannot do the following:

  • Edit the job post
  • Create a new job post
  • Edit the job application
  • Edit the interview guide
  • Edit the hiring team
  • Edit the pipeline stages
  • Advance/reject candidates