What is an overview of the Eddy payroll process?

The pay run process has 4 different states, and a pay run will move through each of these states. Some of the transitions are triggered by your action as a payroll admin, and some are automated by Eddy.

Draft Stage

The first stage is the payroll draft. This stage is created by the payroll admin when the admin first clicks the run payroll button on the pay period card. A payroll draft can be deleted. If a draft is deleted, then clicking the run payroll button again on the pay period card will generate the draft again. Any changes made to the draft must be saved by clicking the Save draft button. We automatically save the payroll draft when the Preview payroll button is clicked.

The preview payroll step is a preview of the most current payroll draft.

A payroll must be submitted before the submission date in order to arrive in employee bank accounts on pay date. In most cases the submission date is at 5:00pm pacific time 2 days before the pay date. For some companies it can be 4 days before the pay date.

Pending State

On the Payroll Preview page a payroll admin can submit the payroll. When the submission date arrives, Eddy automatically begins to process any payroll that has been submitted and is in a pending state.

In the pending state, we lock the payroll draft so no further edits are allowed. The payroll will remain in this locked state until the Submission date arrives, or until the payroll admin unlocks the payroll, which returns the payroll to a draft state.

Processing State

During the 2-day or 4-day window where payments are processing the payroll will be in a processing state. It remains in this state until the pay date arrives.

Paid State

When the payments are confirmed and completed, the payroll moves to the paid state.

Chart of payroll states

The following chart shows the four payroll states, and what triggers a change from one payroll state to another.