ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost

Eddy provides the capability to boost your jobs via ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost directly from your Hiring page.

ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost allows jobs to be boosted on their platform, which increases the job’s visibility in search, promotes the job in candidate emails, and adds the job to 100+ additional external job boards. Hiring Admins and Owner Admins within the system can enable a boost using the payment method on file.

Promote a Job

The Eddy Hiring home page includes a Promoted column on the list of all jobs. This column shows promotion info for any public job. Jobs that are private cannot be promoted.

Jobs can also be promoted within the job posting page.  


When choosing to promote a job on ZipRecruiter, you will see a card on the screen that allows you to purchase 30-days of Traffic Boost.


Each TrafficBoost costs $299. If a job is paused or made private during those 30 days, Eddy will remember that and return the job to its boosted state upon republishing the job.