How to Upload Employees in bulk

Adding your employees to the software is a vital step for account set up. This creates individual profiles for each user and ensures maximum efficiency in Eddy. Eddy provides a couple options to get your people added to the software. The first option is to upload them one by one. The second option is to follow the steps below and fill out the associated spreadsheet for a mass import.

Step 1

Download the sheet below and add your people’s information.
*Columns in red are required

Step 2

Send completed spreadsheet via email to your representative.

Helpful Eddy Terminology:

Login email: This does not  have to be a work domain email address, e.g., but does need to be an email  solely owned by the person you are adding.

Reports To: Input the email of the manager to whom the person reports. Manager’s login email must match the email listed in the "Reports To" column. 

Departments: If your organization does not have departments, create one department for management and one for staff. 

Location Nickname: This is the main location where the person works. This lets you use your organization’s lingo  to describe each location e.g. South LA Office, Headquarters, Street Address Clinic, The Warehouse, Etc. 

Pay Accrual Method: The pay accrual method is different from the organization’s pay period. This refers to the way you get compensated. For example, do you get paid per hour, week, year (salaried)?

Invites: Adding your people to the system through this spreadsheet does not enable user access. Access is initiated via an additional step in the software. When you would like to invite your people into Eddy, this video will walk you through the process.

Account Creation: When your employees accept the invite to join Eddy, they will be able to fill out some of their personal information on their end.


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*The mass upload option is only available at the time of implementation to the Eddy software. Adding employees to the software ongoing is done on a one by one basis so that the correct onboarding packets and documentation can be sent.