The Role of Hiring Manager

The Hiring Manager permission allows an employee to have all job access to a specific job. Every job requires a Hiring Manager to be assigned. 

Hiring Manager Overview

Hiring Managers are assigned on a job by job basis. The Hiring Manager of a particular job will only have access to that job (unless they also have Hiring Admin permissions).

A Hiring Manager can be assigned during the process of posting a job. 

A Hiring Manager can perform all the available functions for the job they are assigned to, including the following:

  • Edit the job posting
  • Advance/reject candidates
  • Email candidates
  • Rate candidates
  • Comment on candidates
  • Tag candidates
  • Add emoji reactions to candidates
  • Edit the pipeline stages
  • Edit the stage actions
  • Edit the interview guide
  • Add or remove hiring team members
  • Manually add candidates

Hiring Managers can also send out Offer Letters for the designated job that they are over if the setting is turned on by an Admin in the system. Hiring Admins or Owners can access that setting under the Admin tab as shown below.