New Hire Onboarding Packet

A new hire packet is the collection of all the tasks, documents, and messages that help a new hire get off to a good start. Eddy allows you to customize as many onboarding packets as your company needs. 

New Hire Onboarding Packet Overview

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What is included in the New Hire Packet?

 After you add a new employee, Eddy will ask if you'd like to create a new hire packet. The new hire packet has three parts: 

  1. New Hire Task List: This lets you create tasks for the new hire to complete within Eddy. Tasks can include electronically signable documents as well as onboarding or other 'getting started' tasks to make sure your new hire shows up ready to go on their first day.
  2. Team Task List: This section allows you to assign tasks to existing team members so they can arrange things in advance of the new hire's start date. You can make sure everything—from email accounts to desks to welcome baskets—is ready on your end.
  3. First Day Message: This optional email message lets the new hire know the details of what to expect on day one.

Create a new hire packet

You'll have the option to continue with the creation of a New Hire Packet. By selecting the "Create a New Hire Packet" option, you'll have the choice to either create a new packet from scratch, or use a template you've previously saved.

If you do not wish to create a New Hire Packet for the new employee, simply click the "Skip" option.


If you choose to "Create a New Hire Packet" you'll be brought to a screen where your next screen will show you any previously saved packet templates you've created as well as the option to not use a template and start blank.

If you've never created a New Hire Packet in the past, you won't be shown the option to start with a template.


The rest of this article will assume that you're creating a New Hire Packet from scratch and will not start with a template.

Selecting Documents

When creating the New Hire Packet, you’ll begin by deciding whether or not you’ll have the new hire read and sign certain documents before they start. If you'd like your employee to review and sign certain documents before their first day of work, click the "Select Documents" option.

If you do not need your employee to review and sign documents, then click the "Skip" option.


If you choose to have new hires sign documents, we’ll display a list of documents that have either been provided by Eddy, or uploaded by your company.

Eddy provides important documents such as the I-9, W-4, W-9 and Direct Deposit Authorization forms on your behalf. Most new employees will need to sign these documents before they begin working for your company. In most cases, we recommend selecting these documents to have your new employee review and sign before their first day.

Each document you select will auto create a task for the new hire to review or sign. Documents that have not been enabled for signatures will be available for download and review. Documents you have made signable (learn more here) will require a signature before the task can be marked as complete.


You can change the due date for any task to be on the start date (which is the default option) or before or after the start date. You can select the number of days or weeks before or after the start date.


Once you’ve added your documents, you can also create additional tasks for the new hires to complete. Simply click the “Add task” button near the bottom of the page, and specify a task for your new hire.

These types of tasks may include getting your company T-shirt, making contact with the new hire’s manager, or requesting specs for a new computer.

There is also the option to create a "file upload task" for the new hire.

To do this, you can start by clicking the "Add another task" button.

Give the newly created task a name, and then click the "Add a Function" button beneath the task name. This will give you the option to request a document be signed, or require a file upload.

Select the file upload. When this task is saved, the employee will be assigned the task to upload the file you specified.


Adding Tasks for Internal Team Members

After assigning tasks to the new hire, you can assign tasks to your team to make sure everything is in place. Tasks can be assigned to any employee you have in Eddy.

When you land on this page, you'll initially see a blank screen. To add a team task, simply click the "Add a task" button in order to get started.


You can add as many tasks as you'd like. Give each task a name, due date, and then assign the task to the specific person in your organization who will be responsible for completing it.


Once you've added and assigned all your team tasks, you can click the blue "Next step" button at the bottom of the page.

If you're not interested in adding or assigning team tasks, simply click "Skip."

First Day Message

After adding tasks you can create a First Day message for the new hire. This message appears on the new hire's Eddy home page and will be emailed to them unless you choose not to send it. This message is a great place to help the new hire understand important information about their first day, such as what time to show up, what to wear, who they'll be meeting, and any other custom messages you’d like to share.


Notice that at the bottom of this page, there is a checkbox that is checked by default. Leaving this box checked will send the new hire the information contained on this page in an email.

If you do not wish to send this "First Day Message" email, then uncheck the box.

Previewing the New Hire Packet

Before the packet is finalized (and before the first day message is sent) you'll have a chance to preview both the tasks and the First Day message. This view will be very similar to what your new hire will see when they first login to Eddy.

You can edit the tasks or messages by clicking the edit pencil icon in the top right corner of each card. When you’re satisfied with the packet you’ve created, you can click the blue “Save New Hire Packet” button to continue.


Clicking the "Save New Hire Packet" button will send the First Day Message email to your new hire. It will also send email notifications to all internal team members listed on the team task list, notifying them of the tasks they've been assigned to.

Saving the New Hire Packet as a Template

After clicking the blue "Save New Hire Packet" button, you'll see a modal appear on your screen asking if you'd like to save your packet as a template.

By clicking yes, you'll be able to save all the documents, tasks, and messages you created for this hire to be applied to future new employees. 

If you do not wish to save your packet as a temple, click, "No."